Fullerton Flyers Baseball Game
Miss Fullerton 2006 & O/S Teen 2006 - Vocal performance and First pitch ceremony

Fullerton Flyers Home Field

Lexi Kupratis, Ed Hart - Flyers G.M. & Laura Thatcher

Lexi Kupratis - Miss Fullerton O/S Teen 2006 & Laura Thatcher - Miss Fullerton 2006

Lexi & LLaura display the official game ball

The Flyers Girls join Lexi Kupratis & Laura Thatcher

Laura Thatcher, Ed Hart, Shawna Miller & Lexi Kupratis

Lexi & Laura - A Winning Combination

Lexi Kupratis

Lexi Kupratis throws out the ceremonial first pitch

Lexi Kupratis

Laura Thatcher sings "God Bless America"

Laura Thatcher

Lexi Kupratis gets tip from Flyers player

Flyers players join Lexi Kupratis

Lexi Kupratis & Laura Thatcher

Lexi Kupratis & Flyers player

Lexi Kupratis with the Boy Scouts

Lexi, Laura & The Flyers Reps

Lexi Kupratis & Ed Hart

Lexi Kupratis, Coal Train & Laura Thatcher

The Flyers Girls

Lexi, Flyers pitcher Chris & Laura

Lexi & Laura help cheer team on

Lexi & Laura join cheer team

Lexi & Laura with young Flyers fan

Lexi & Laura with young Flyers fan

Lexi, Laura and Flyers fans

Lexi Kupratis & Laura Thatcher promote team banner

Laura Thatcher models Flyers jersey

Lexi Kupratis models Flyers jersey

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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