Fullerton Rotary Club Meeting
08.03.06: Laura Thatcher - Miss Fullerton 2006 presents the Miss Fulllerton program and sings National Anthem to members (Photos courtesy of Kathi Hikawa)

Thursday, August 3, 2006 @ Fullerton Sunrise Rotary Club

Laura Thatcher, Miss Fullerton starts off the meeting with the National Anthem

Laura shares her exeriences at Miss California competition with the club

Membership drawing

Laura receives and reviews the script for the Holiday Play

Laura with Carolyn Johnson, Membership Chairperson

Mr. Bill Jindra

Fullerton Community Bank, Gizi Clemmer, Branch Vice President

Carole Bartholomew, president with Kathi & Laura

Carole Bartholomew, President

Laura helps with the drawing & rings the bell

Kathi Hikawa, ED and Laura Thatcher present the Rotary Banner

Steve Janowitz, winner of the morning drawing

Laura picks the winning card

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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