Fullerton Chamber Mixer @ Fullerton SoCo District
Miss Fullerton 2008 program at the monthly Fullerton Chamber Mixer @ SoCo Fullerton - 124 W. Commonwealth Ave.

Ariana Alvarez (Miss Fullerton O/S Teen 2008) & Lexy Romano (Miss Fullerton 2008)

Lexy Romano, Jack Franklyn (Owner Heroes/Roscoes) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano, Jack Franklyn (Owner Heroes/Roscoes) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano, Mike Ritto (Fullerton DBA) & Ariana Alvarez

Ariana Alvarez, Team Ritto (Allison, Mike & Dana) & Lexy Romano

Ariana Alvarez & Lexy Romano

Host Jack Franklyn (Owner Heroes/Roscoes) addresses audience

Host Mike Ritto (Fullerton DBA) addresses audience

Lexy Romano, Jennifer Fitzgerald (Chamber Board President) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano, Bill McGarvey (Fullerton Pageant Sponsor) & Ariana Alvarez

Bev& Mark Thomson (HostingOC.com)

Bev & Mark Thomson (HostingOC.com)

Ariana & Lexy in the "Smart Car"

Fred Johnson (Boys Girls Club) joins Ariana & Lexy

Lexy Romano & Erin Craton (Fullerton Chamber)

Ariana Alvarez & Melissa Mercado (Fullerton Chamber)

Ariana Alvarez, Capt. Greg Mayes (Fullerton PD) & Lexy Romano

Ariana Alvarez, Det. Barry Coffman (Fullerton POA) & Lexy Romano

Lexy Romano, Richard Jones MD (Fullerton Mayor Pro Tem) & Ariana Alvarez

Ariana Alvarez, Pam Keller (Fullerton City Council) & Lexy Romano

Lexy Romano & Sharon Quirk (Fullerton Mayor)

Lexy Romano, Don Bankhead (Fullerton City Council) & Ariana Alvarez

Allison & Dana Ritto

Melissa Mercado (Fullerton Chamber)

Ariana Alvarez, Norma Jones & Lexy Romano

Ariana Alvarez & Norma Ames (Mary Kay)

Lexy Romano, Leland Wilson & Ariana Alvarez

Ariana Alvarez, Fred Johnson (Fullerton Boys Girls Club) & Lexy Romano

Jillian, Clara Hernandez (Leon Owens) & Rebecca Nissen (Fullerton CB)

Ariana Alvarez with Jillian

Lexy Romano, Mark Maraj (MIT-Sys) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano, Tina Maraj-Shah (Remax) & Ariana Alvarez

Dana & Allison Ritto "promoting charity event"

Ariana & Lexy with pageant sponsor Wyndham Hotel (Rudy Olivas)

Lexy with pageant sponsor Heroes/Roscoes (Jack Franklyn)

Lexy with pageant sponsor Fullerton Comm. Bank (John Straser)

Ariana with pageant sponsor Mary Kay (Norma Ames)

Smart Car Fundraiser (Fullerton Boys & Girls Club)

Smart Car Fundraiser (Fullerton Boys & Girls Club)

Jennifer Forman (Pacific Comm. Credit Union)

Rebecca Nissen (Fullerton Community Bank and Pageant Sponsor)

Ariana Alvarez & Bev Thomson (HostingOC.com and pageant sponsor)

Ariana & Lexy relax in the "Smart Car"

Ariana Alvarez, Kerry Stock (Costco) & Lexy Romano

Bev Thomson (HostingOC.com), Chamber member, Lyn Forte (Canon)

Ariana Alvarez & Lexy Romano

Ariana Alvarez (MIss Fullerton O/S Teen 2008)

Ariana Alvarez, Wally Swatkowski (Bills Body Works) & Lexy Romano

Martin & Ariana

Chris Schnaider (PCCU) & Lexy Romano

Barbara (Summit Event Catering) & Lexy Romano

Ariana Alvarez, Jillian, Cathy Wellen (Soroptomist) & Lexy Romano

Lexy & Ariana with chamber members

Christopher DeCaro & Lexy Romano

Nick & Ariana

Ariana & Kerry

Chamber member with Jennifer Forman (PCCU)

Patrick Miceli (Frati Gelato Cafe) & Ariana Alvarez

Linda Hawkins (Winkleman Realty) & Ariana Alvarez

Noah Gwartney (Noah's Cleaning) & Ariana Alvarez

Ariana Alvarez & Shelly Merbach (First Team)

Ariana Alvarez & Lyn Forte

Lexy, Will Lindsey & Ariana

Jennifer Forman & Lexy Romano

Ariana, Fullerton PD (Capt. Greg Mayes and Det. B Coffman) & Lexy

Lexy Romano & Ron Kemp

SoCo Center

Thank You Roscoes!

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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