Fullerton Boys & Girls Club Sock Hop Gala
12.12.08: The Miss Fullerton 2008 program (Lexy Romano & Ariana Alvarez) participate in the annual Sock Hop event

Boys Girls Club Fullerton

Fred Johnson (BGCF Chief Officer and Resident DJ)

Ariana Alvarez, Fred Johnson & Lexy Romano

Lexy Romano, Alicia DeLaLuz (BGCF) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano (Miss Fullerton 2008)

Ariana Alvarez (Miss Fullerton O/S Teen 2008)

The Boys Girls Club Fullerton Team

Ariana and Lexy promote the "Coca Cola" vintage products

Ariana & Lexy with "Elvis"

Ariana & Lexy with "Marilyn"

Ariana & Lexy with "James"

Ariana & Lexy

Ariana Alvarez, Greg Mayes (Fullerton PD Capt) and Lexy Romano

Event Chef Mike Lozano (BGCF)

Ariana, Randy McFarland & Lexy

Ariana & Lexy join BGCF volunteers

Lexy Romano, Carmen & Elvin Campbell (BGCF) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy Romano, Eddie Hernandez (BGCF) & Ariana Alvarez

Lexy, Ariana, Tatiana & Tiffany

Lexy, Tatiana, Tiffany & Ariana "strike a pose"

Lexy & Ariana "get the call to dance"

The BGCF dancers

The Dancing Duo (Ariana & Lexy)

The Dancing Duo (Ariana & Lexy)

The girls do the "hand jive"

The Dancing Duo (Lexy & Ariana)

Tatiana Alvarez

Tatiana Alvarez



"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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