Miss Fullerton Texas Hold Em Tournament Fundraiser
September 16, 2005 - Fullerton Senior Center - Fullerton, CA

The Tournament Prize - 1st Place

Our Tournamet Resident Pro

Meredith Baldwin - Miss Fullerton 2005

Krystal Sewell - 1st Runner-Up Miss Fullerton 2005

Rebecca Pulido - 2nd Runner-Up Miss Fullerton 2005 and Ann Harvey - Miss Fullerton 2004

Prized Dealers - Rebecca Macguire & Becky McCloskey

Kathi Hikawa - Miss Fullerton E.D. & Stacy Margolin - Miss Garden Grove E.D.

April Kaufman - Card Dealer

Jennifer Kerstner - Team Miss Garden Grove

Bruce "Moneymaker" Kerstner ready for action

Jessica Aguilar warming up the cards

Lynn and Pamela - Miss Fullerton Program hosts

Kim Bass - Team Miss Tustin

Cliff Bass - Team Miss Tustin

Cherrill Cady - Team Miss Tustin

Tom Cady - Team Miss Tustin

Erin Smith - Miss Fullerton Miss Congeniality 2005

Keith Kodama & Kim Bass go "all-in"

Krystal Sewell calculating the final results

Bruce "Moneymaker" Kerstner displays his card shuffle style

Meredith Baldwin with 6th Place Finisher - Keith Kodama

Meredith Baldwin with 4th Place Finisher - Carol Patterson

Meredith with 3rd Place Finisher - Mark Thomson

Meredith with 2nd Place Finisher - Ann Harvey

Meredith and Tournament Champ - Doug Hikawa

Top 3 Finsih - Mark Thomson, Doug Hikawa & Ann Harvey

Becky McCloskey

Jessica Aguilar & April Kaufman in action

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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