Miss Garden Grove 2011 Scholarship Pageant - VIP guests (Part 2)
VIP guests at the Miss Garden Grove Scholarship Pageant 2011

Gabby Marco & Sabrina Alonso

Gabby Marco & Sabrina Alonso

Ryan Osborn (Miss Fullerton O/S Teen 2009) & Riley Osborn

Riley & Ryan Osborn

Sabrina Alonso & Jesse Kovacs (Reality TV Star)

Jesse Kovacs (Reality TV Star) & Gabby Marco

Ryan Osborn & Jesse Kovacs

Jesse Kovacs & Riley Osborn

Gabby Marco & Christy Sayer Van Der Westhuizen

Local Southern CA titleholders

Jennae Duran and Princess

Monica Stainer & Haley Williams

Mikayla Thornley, Gabby Marco & Sabrina Alonso

Gabby Marco & Russ Gladden

Tom Molettiere

Jesse Kovacs

Jennae Duran (Miss Garden Grove O/S Teen 2009)

Haley Williams (Miss Michigan O/S Teen 2009)

Jasmine Haffar, Adrienne Berry, Gabby Marco & Sabrina Alonso

Sabrina Alonso, Jennae Duran, Mikayla Thornley

Marina Inserra

A future Inserra titleholder

Amber Palm (Pageant photographer)

Amber Palm (Pageant photographer)

Jennae Duran and Caroline Olivier

Queen Lurece Hunter

Jesse Kovacs & Adrienne Berry

Jesse Kovacs & Emily Nguyen

Sarah Salazar, Jesse Kovacs & Rachel Berry

Haley Williams, Jesse Kovacs & Monica Stainer

Kati Enea, Jesse Kovacs & Lurece Hunter

Jesse Kovacs with the Inserra sisters

Jesse Kovacs & Christy Sayer Van Der Westhuizen

Caroline Olivier & Jesse Kovacs

Jesse Kovacs with the Stainers

Jesse Kovacs with Miss Norco team

Jesse Kovacs & Devon Culnane

Jesse Kovacs & Jasmine Haffar

Jesse Kovacs & Lindsay Nault

Beverly Nault & Jesse Kovacs

Harry Carey (aka Lauren Howard) & Monnie Howard

Monnie Howard

Gabby Marco, Lauren Howard & Sabrina Alonso

Adrienne Berry, Gabby Marco, Jennae Duran & Sabrina Alonso

Gabby Marco & Miss GG rep

Gabby Marco & Christy Sayer Van Der Westhuizen

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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