Fullerton Chamber Holiday Mixer @ The Wyndham
December 21, 2005 - Miss Fullerton 2005 and 2006 Contestants at the Fullerton Chamber Holiday Mixer - Fullerton, CA

The host - Wyndham Hotel Ice Sculpter

Theresa Harvey - Fullerton Chamber Exec. Director & Miss Fullerton Program

Fullerton Chamber Team - Kevin Mathy, Jim Michaelson with the Miss Fullerton Group

Visitors from Shanghai China with the Miss Fullerton Group

Kristen Coseo, Vivy Chao, Laura Thatcher, Meredith Baldwin, Rebecca Pulido, Sarah Henning Erin Smith

Rebecca Pulido, Meredith Baldwin & Erin Smith (Miss Fullerton Program)

Vivy Chao - 2006 Contestant & Theresa Harvey - Fullerton Chamber

Miss Fullerton 2006 contestants - Erin Smith & Sarah Henning

Guest vocalist with Miss Fullerton Group

Meredith Baldwin - Miss Fullerton 2005

Chamer member Will E. Lindsey & Vivy Chao

Kathi Hikawa & Randy McFarland - Sunny Hills Orthopedic Services

Fullerton Mayor Leland Wilson and Theresa Harvey

Future Miss Fullerton?

Laura Thatcher - Miss Fullerton 2006 contestant

Erin Smith - Miss Fullerton 2006 contestant

Rebecca Pulido - 2nd Runner-Up Miss Fullerton 2005

Sarah Henning - Miss Fullerton 2006 Contestant

Kristen Coseo - Miss Fullerton 2006 contestant

Vivy Chao - Miss Fullerton 2006 contestant

Shelly Merbach - Chamber Ambassador models Ice Sculpture

Fullerton Chamber members strike a pose

Rebecca Pulido shares her tiara with a new fan

Meredith Baldwin & Thom O'Rourke - Wyndham G.M.

Thom O'Rourke with Laura Thatcher

Jim Michaelson - Fullerton Chamber Director in holiday spirit

Mark Thomson - HostingOC.com wins raffle gift

Beverly Thomson - HostingOC.com with Shirley Thiele

Meredith Baldwin & Steven Stakley raffle gifts

Fullerton Chamber Ambassadors help with gift raffle

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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