Miss America 2006 Pageant (Part 2)
01.21.06 - Celebrity sightings during the Miss America Pageant

The Aladdin Resort & Casino - Host of the Miss America 2006 pageant

The Aladdin Video screen promoting Miss America

Phyllis George - Miss America 1971

Lee Meriweather - Miss America 1955

Tara Dawn Christensen - Miss America 1997

Nicole Johnson - Miss America 1999

Ericka Dunlap - Miss America 2004

Phllis George & Kellye Cash - Miss America 1987

G. H. Armour and her famour Miss America autograph shirt

Kari Ann Johnson - Miss Covina 2005 and Kari Virding (Miss Covina 2006 contestant)

Christiana Molina - Miss Tustin 2005

Melissa Youssef, Christie Youssef & Christiana Molina

Meredith Baldwin - Miss Fullerton 2005

Pamela Lynch - Miss Tustin 2003

Jennifer Kohlenberger & Lauren Howard - Miss Garden Grove 2006

Phyllis George

Ericka Dunlap

Miss Rodeo Nevada

Miss Louisiana team supporters

Kathi Hikawa with Phyllis George

Lee Meriweather with Kathi Hikawa

The Rockey Family

Pamela Lynch

Miss Tustin & Miss Covina program reps (Christiana, Kari Ann, Kari & Pamela)

Christiana, Kari Ann, Kari and Pamela

Christiana Molina with her Miss America Moose

Christiana Molina and Kari Ann Johnson

"Photography by Doug Hikawa"

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